You want an unique and original gift? Give a star! Yeah, right - give a real star. The best gift in the universe! Make your loved ones happy with a star named after their behalf!

What is ASR

AllStarRegister allows you to register your own shining star in the sky and to make a unique gift to your friends and loved ones. Customize your star by selecting a constellation, the star name and the date.

Registering a custom star is a great way to mark a special moment or event! Give the name of the star, and within a few minutes:

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  • Personalized star certificate
  • Personalized letter
  • Card with a personal message
  • Detailed revolving star chart
  • Elegant gift wrapping
  • The envelope fits inside any mailbox

How to order?

Select an occasion


Register a star


Write a message card

Gift a star

Last gifted stars

Star nameStar coordinatesConstellationOccasion
На Дидка звездата RA 7:41:14.8 -9:33:4 dec 3.9 mag MonocerosBirthday
Джесика RA 8:40:6.4 +20:0:28 dec 6.4 mag CancerBirthday
Елис RA 18:47:29.0 -5:42:18 dec 5.2 mag ScutumBirthday
Елис RA 23:9:54.8 -22:27:27 dec 4.7 mag AquariusBirthday
Нестихващ ураган RA 22:55:56.9 -32:32:23 dec 4.2 mag Piscis AustrinusBirthday
Николай RA 11:51:51.2 -65:12:22 dec 4.9 mag MuscaGift
Лия RA 20:1:58.6 -13:38:13 dec 5.7 mag SagittariusName day
Ели RA 17:59:5.2 -30:15:11 dec 5.2 mag SagittariusLove

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